Watch out for unicorn hunters – they are finding unicorn woman

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married couple seeking a threesome

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the world is full of unicorn hunters who are trying to find one of these mythical creatures. Couples are desperately trying to finding unicorn woman at all costs. It’s not unheard of for guys and gals alike to set up separate dating site profiles in hopes of luring of these coveted ladies. The lure of having a threesome with a bisexual female is so great that some will do anything to make it happen. Anything includes pulling out all the stops to make sure that the women are more than willing to get in bed with them.

They’re called hunters for a reason

These are couples who are literally hunting for the right female. They are on the prowl and won’t stop until a bisexual woman is in their bedroom. The drive to have a threesome is so strong that there’s nothing they won’t do to make it happen. If that means responding to countless dating profiles of unicorns, then so be it. Nothing is off-limits to a couple who seek out the type of sexual satisfaction that only a threesome can deliver.

The time and energy to find a unicorn is well worth it

It takes a lot of work to find a unicorn, and that’s no joke. If you’ve been searching for one of these prized bisexual females, then you already know how true these words are. You know for a fact that they’re much harder to find than a normal woman. You can search high and low and still come up empty-handed when trying to find a unicorn of your very own. No one goes into this, knowing how difficult it is going to be. If you did, then you’d probably back out of the search right in the beginning.

Your search for a unicorn doesn’t have to be too difficult

Don’t make this any harder on yourself than it needs to be. Go put up a profile at a unicorn dating site and tell your partner to do the same thing. Both of you should go through the profiles and see what happens. Why would both the husband and wife want to make separate profiles? Sometimes a unicorn will respond to a woman’s profile and not a man. You see, these women are bisexual, and sometimes they’re more into females than males. So, it’s understandable that they might respond better to a woman’s profile than a man. Also, a woman might have better luck talking to a unicorn than the man does.

It’s all about the threesome in the end

It doesn’t matter if the husband or wife is the one doing the hunting for the unicorn. The only thing that does matter is the threesome. If the unicorn responds better to the wife, then let it happen that way. Any guy who wants to try to be too forceful in these situations limits their likelihood of having a threesome. Go with the flow and allow the relationship to blossom without any interference. These bisexual women are difficult to snag, and you’ll have a better understanding of the process after your first threesome.