Unicorn woman also looking for married couples

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married couple seeking a threesome

How surprising is it that a unicorn woman would seek out a married couple? Not too surprising considering the world we live in today. It’s hard to imagine any couple not taking the opportunity to have a threesome with a unicorn seriously if such a situation arose. It’s almost impossible to imagine a scenario where any sexually active couple wouldn’t want to introduce a little variety into their love life. Sometimes opportunity comes knocking in ways that most people can’t ever seem to see coming. Embrace those moments and make the most of them because you never know if it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Your chances of success increase when using a unicorn dating site

If you’re a married couple seeking a threesome and using a traditional dating website, then your chances are pretty slim of finding someone. Sure, there are unicorns that flock to these sites like everyone else does. The main problem is, some women will feel uneasy about using these dating services as a means of finding married couples. Also, the married couple might have reservations about announcing to the world that they’re seeking someone for a threesome. A perfect storm tends to happen when people expose this aspect of their lives.

Create a profile and see what happens

You might be a busy couple who have no time to seek out unicorns. The good news is, your profile can do all the hard work for you. If your profile is good enough, unicorns will respond to it without you having to do anything. You must make sure that your profile hits all the right points and talks about what you want. Make sure to tell the woman about your lifestyle and the stability of your marriage. Unicorns like to hear that sort of thing since they tend to be the type who are seeking stable couples. The bisexual women at these dating sites usually have a good head on their shoulders and only want to associate themselves with like-minded people.

Don’t be shy about being eager to connect

Let’s say that you get a bite on your profile, and the woman is your type. Both you and your partner are really into her and want to have a threesome as quickly as possible. Don’t shy away from telling her exactly what the two of you are thinking. You want her to know that the two of you are smitten with her. If she knows that you take her seriously, then you’re more than likely to connect. Don’t pass up on an opportunity for a threesome because you want to play hard to get. Sometimes playing hard to get means you get nothing at all.

Allow her to warm up to you if necessary

Sometimes unicorns don’t like to jump right in the sack with a couple. You might have to go out on a few dates before anything sexual happens. Remember, unicorns are different in the sense that they’re serious people who aren’t the type who has sex with anyone. You’ll have to meet their requirements, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time to prove you’re worthy of their company.