Finding a unicorn woman for unicorn dating

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Finding a unicorn woman for unicorn dating

How do you find a find a unicorn woman? It seems like an impossible task. All you want to find is a woman who is bisexual who wants to have a little fun in the sack. You’d think that women like these would be coming out of the woodwork. They aren’t. As you probably already know, a unicorn is someone that is almost impossible to find. You can spend your entire life searching for the right woman to make your threesomes complete. The women who can pull this sort of thing off are few and far between. It takes a lot of skill and luck to find a woman who can offer the type of companionship that you and your partner are seeking.

The old methods of dating don’t work

You’re not going to find a unicorn at the produce aisle at your local supermarket. You might as well forget about stumbling upon her at the bus stop. These women are so much harder to find these days. The reason for that is how much they’re in demand. Everyone wants to hook up with a unicorn who can spice up their love lives. That’s why many are turning to a unicorn dating site to find the women. Who has the time to wade through an almost unlimited amount of women? That’s what you’ll do if you go the usual route with a regular dating website. Most of the women at those sites would never consider having a bisexual threesome. Don’t be surprised if the woman who agrees to such a thing at a normal dating site ends up being a prostitute. It’s not unheard of for prostitutes to hang out at dating sites trying to find customers who are into kinky sex.

Take the guesswork out of unicorn dating

How do you make dating a unicorn easier? You do so by being honest. You layout exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship. You make sure that the woman knows what to expect when entering the relationship. If you’re looking for a long term unicorn relationship, then say so. Sometimes couples are seeing a fly by night type of thing, and that’s okay too. Whatever you do, don’t lead the woman down a path she doesn’t want to go down. Be as honest as you can and let her know what to expect. If you want just a fling, then state it from the getgo. Though, quite a few of these women probably are going to want some kind of relationship. It seems that the only women who want to have one-night stand type of bisexual threesomes are the type who live life on the edge. Those women act impulsively, and it’s essential to use condoms and practice safe sex when encountering them.

Treat the woman like gold

When you do find a bisexual woman, who wants to have a threesome, treat her like gold. Make sure she knows how special she is to you and your partner. You’ve just found someone who is one of the most reclusive types of women there are. It can’t be stressed enough how rare a unicorn is. Treat her with the kind of respect she deserves. Don’t do anything to scare her away. The hope is that she will stay with you long enough to have plenty of threesomes and to add excitement to your love life.